Therapy in Louisville, CO. Lisa Witter, MA


I offer effective strategies that go way beyond just talking. My clients appreciate how this helps them gain lasting clarity and focus.

My work is built on the ground of helping you develop confidence for life’s journey. With a strong inner guidance, you’ll be able to feel peaceful, creative and joyful through the challenges.

I have personal experience, professional expertise with clients in these areas:

  • Infertility
  • Spirituality
  • Relationship issues
  • Parent coaching
  • Career & Business Coaching

As a basis for powerful results, I use intuitive-based emotional agility work. It is a practice on aligning your body, mind and spirit through skills that can be used on a daily basis to re-center into confidence and calm.



Lisa Witter, MA

Each session is unique and creative. My work is informed from the wisdom I’ve learned in my 16+ years experience in meditation, therapy, intuitive readings and improv comedy.

My office is conveniently located on Main St. in downtown Louisville, CO.

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