Inspirations for a life with more beauty. Counseling Louisville, CO

Inner peace to feel peaceful, creative and joyful through the highs and lows of life. I offer practical skills to develop your emotional strength. this is necessary for lasting results for peace.

Inner beauty inspirations:

Developing a strong belief in yourself and your ability to listen to your inner guidance will allow you to shine with lovely lil gold sparkles around yo sweet self.

Work with me:

I offer  Life Lesson Insight Sessions as well as Infertility Counseling Sessions At our inner most core, we carry amazing strength, as well as deep wounds. I help you dive into that abyss to offer a “hello” and healing to the wounds and come back to the surface with strength, courage and love you had forgotten existed. I offer the wisdom I’ve learned in my 16+ years experience in meditation, counseling and plain ol’ just being alive. Tuning into my quiet, wise inner voice allows me to navigate this crazy-making, yet intensely beautiful, life with grace. By grace, I mean finding the humor in all the craziness and being astounded by love…all at the same time.


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