Inspirations for a life with more beauty.

Inner beauty to feel peaceful, creative, joyful and honest. Outer beauty to show off your radiant self.

Natural beauty inspirations: because I just don’t believe chemicals lead to beauty. One of my favorite beauty brands is Beautycounter because of their commitment to safe, healthy makeup and anti-aging skin care. It doesn’t just cover, but actually nourishes your skin.

Inner beauty inspirations: developing a strong belief in yourself and your ability to listen to your inner guidance will allow you to shine with lovely lil gold sparkles around yo sweet self. I will offer the very best meditations for developing greater peace, wisdom and just not giving a rats ass about silly sh*t anymore.

I offer the bits and pieces of magic I’ve learned in my 16+ years experience in meditation, counseling and plain ol’ just being alive. Tuning into my quiet, wise inner voice allows me to navigate this crazy-making, yet intensely beautiful, life with grace. By grace, I mean swearing like a sailor ’cause there’s so much BS in life and being astounded by love…all at the same time.