Inspirations for a life with more beauty.

Inner beauty to feel peaceful, creative, joyful and honest. Outer beauty to show off your radiant self.

Natural beauty inspirations: because I just don’t believe chemicals lead to beauty. One of my favorite beauty brands is Beautycounter because of their commitment to safe, healthy makeup and anti-aging skin care. It doesn’t just cover, but actually nourishes your skin.

Inner beauty inspirations: developing a strong belief in yourself and your ability to listen to your inner guidance will allow you to shine with lovely lil gold sparkles around yo sweet self. I’m working on writing up my very favorite meditations for developing greater peace, wisdom and just not giving a rats ass about silly sh*t anymore.

Work with me: I offer Soul Lesson Insight Sessions. At our inner most core, we carry amazing strength, as well as deep wounds. I help you dive into that abyss to offer a “hello” and healing to the wounds and come back to the surface with strength, courage and love you had forgotten existed

I offer the bits and pieces of magic I’ve learned in my 16+ years experience in meditation, counseling and plain ol’ just being alive. Tuning into my quiet, wise inner voice allows me to navigate this crazy-making, yet intensely beautiful, life with grace. By grace, I mean finding the humor in all the craziness and being astounded by love…all at the same time.

Blog Posts:

Beauty Tip: Get a sister wife

Beauty Tip: Get a Sister Wife Want to look more beautiful and radiant in the morning? Feel fresh, clear and full of sparkle while another woman is sharing the work load. Think of it, someone to talk to about how ridiculous your husband is being, how many things...

Hillary Clinton, Adele and Being Beautiful

Hillary Clinton was just the first woman to get a major political party’s presidential nomination. So, I thought I’d give a watch to the historic moment. I had no idea I’d be crying from realizing the feeling of apathy and lack of confidence in my...

Dismissing Your Life Purpose for Other’s Beliefs?

One of my favorite stories I heard this week was about the choice to dismiss one’s beliefs in favor of someone else’s for a gold star. Sounds a little crazy right, but so many people do it all day. In little, seemingly easy to dismiss ways. We might have...

Inspirational Oasis List of Inspirations

So, this Blog is inspirational oasis. My hope is it is a little oasis in the midst of difficulties to add a little sparkle to your day! Ok, so what inspires me?Here’s a start of my inspirational list: 1. Kids and their ability to cry like the world is ending,...