Beauty Tip: Get a Sister Wife

Want to look more beautiful and radiant in the morning? Feel fresh, clear and full of sparkle while another woman is sharing the work load.

Think of it, someone to talk to about how ridiculous your husband is being, how many things he’s forgotten just today and how it seems impossible he just doesn’t see the mess of clothes next to his bed. She can agree that you aren’t crazy, he is!

When you are upset, she will not try to fix your problems. She will just listen and offer support, “Yeah, ugh that must have made you so angry to hear that. You are awesome and next time they will see that!” And she will be doing this listening while helping you with cooking, cleaning, child care, errands, list making, school projects, research on the best food alternatives because of the kid’s allergies and more.

You can go to bed early knowing when you wake up, everything will have been cleaned and ready for a new, fresh day. Your skin will glow. Your eyes will be bright and the fine lines will disappear. When the worry… about who will pick up one kid from soccer at the exact time another kid gets dropped off at piano…melts from your face and a smile appears because you can count on the fact that your sister wife didn’t forget to bring the new cleats to soccer, years will be erased from your face.

If you don’t have easy access to a sister wife, I recommend Beautycounter skin care and makeup. The products won’t share the workload, but they will help you feel naturally beautiful with radiant skin and hey, maybe your husband will have the house clean, dinner cooked and a light spritzer waiting when you get the kids back home. Anything is possible!