Therapy – Louisville, CO

I’m here to offer you a path to a more fulfilling, peaceful, joyful, meaningful life through a unique and engaging process.

It won’t happen by just talking about your problems. It will happen with work on your part, along with my skill and guidance in the process. I’ll help you navigate the journey with skills for increasing emotional agility and connection to your inner wisdom.

Emotional Agility

Emotional agility is at the core of my work. We will go into the core of what’s gotten stuck in your emotional field, and what keeps re-creating the emotional pain, to create lasting healing. We will also work to help you connect with your inner wisdom which is the wise, knowing part of ourselves who sees the big picture and what’s best for ourselves now and in the future.

Life is always throwing curve balls our way. Some are just tough to catch and some land smack dab in the middle of our nose leading to a full on emergency. General talk therapy will help you navigate the past and present curve balls but won’t help align your body, mind and spirit in such a way you’ll be able to stay “on-line” with presence, peace and grace during the 98% of your week outside therapy.

Skills that I offer will help you work with life in a new way. You’ll be able to clear out the emotional debris as it comes along instead of trying to clean it out as it’s suffocating you.

Short and Long Term Therapy

Some people just want a few sessions to learn the emotional agility and inner wisdom connection skills so they can use them in their everyday life. Some people want to go into deeper levels of healing. Either way, I truly love being part of the journey and seeing the transformation!

I’d love to meet you and offer you a session to try out my style of therapy. If you find it helpful and want to do more, then you’ll pay for the first session. If you decide we aren’t a fit, then you pay nothing. Please contact me to set up an appointment at my downtown Louisville, CO office for a new outlook on life.