Achieve your dreams while creating with inspiration in life!

Here is a helpful list of personality types that shine though in the process of goal and dream manifestation. By identifying your type, or types, you will be able to understand where you get in your own way and how to help yourself out of your usual rut and into success!!

Goal Manifestation Personality Type:
There are a number of personality types I have noticed as people head out to the wilderness of their minds to manifest their goals. Once you have a map and know where the danger zones may lie, it is a lot less scary of a journey than going blind into that sometimes dark forest of your thoughts.

1.    The idea heavy, action light type: You love to dream up ideas and can do so all day. If you can partner with someone who likes to do the heavy lifting of bringing these goals into reality, you are a happy camper! This is a great match. If you find you need to do this journey solo, then I suggest picking a few concrete goals and sticking to them, no matter how difficult, and likely boring, you find the journey to be. The boredom can be the result of fears of failure, so keep on trucking through the thoughts of jumping off the track to the next best idea. Keeping tabs on your values and why you picked this goal(s) will help!

2.    Hard worker: If you are from the Midwest, or have German ancestors (like myself), then you may wonder why in the heck you’d want to even think about harmony, or the journey, when you are so dead set on the goal. Personally, I feel confident in my abilities to achieve a goal. My process has been having harmony along the way, which is why I felt it so important to have as part of this goal group. Harmony focus has made me a happier, more playful person en route to the final destination, so hey, I even enjoy reaching the goal more. This type needs to remember time is an illusion and enjoying the journey has been well documented to allow time to expand. Many people report when they relax and enjoy the process, goals are somehow reached easier and quicker than could have ever been expected. This may need to be your mantra!

3.    Bi-Polar Goal Getter: You are all about your goals, then crash and want to say fu@# it all, who needs goals. You were going and going, then you crash and have no steam left for anything, and it all seems like going uphill with skis on. Then feel better and work day and night to achieve said goals, then crawl back into the hole once the manic episode has died down. This is only a problem if you mind living like this. Some people do not mind. Some do and for you, remember that when you are feeling “manic” it also means you feel abundant and joyful, likely. So, do something fun and always get enough sleep, this will prolong the abundant feelings and decrease the fu@# feelings! When you are down, also take care of yourself so you can once again feel great and achieve your goals with ease and joy.

4.    Confused: Easy enough. You just do not really know what you want, why you want it or how it will change. Simple right. Wait that is quite tricky actually. So, what was important yesterday, really isn’t all that important now. Underlying this is fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of someone being angry at you. If you don’t go anywhere, you cannot be blamed for going in the wrong direction. You likely bounce from one personality type to another in your confusion. If you find yourself confused or unfocused, then think about who you are scared to offend or let down or make angry in going for your dreams. Then use the power of your mind to see that person cheering you on- wanting every happiness for you. If, based on that person’s personality, that is ridiculous to think they’d cheer you on, then do it anyway and have a good laugh at seeing how much they’ve changed (now that you are calling the shots at how they talk to you in your own mind!)

Thanks for checking out this page and if you want to join our goal and vision group, email me at . May all beings enjoy peace, understanding and amusement a little more each day. Blessings.