Gratitude has been invaluable to for growing so many businesses. Here are the Top 3 practices to align your soul in gratitude in your business. Simple easy practices that will raise your vibration and help you attract more clients, and feel more fulfilled as an entrepreneur.

#1 When you start your day, send gratitude to those people you will be seeing as clients or for networking. Send them gratitude for being part of your journey in your business.

#2 What are you grateful for at the end of the day for having your business. What did you enjoy, learn, develop?

#3 It is important to meditate on how your business is helping grow your spirit. You can do this every week or every month. Have gratitude for the ways it is fulfilling you emotionally/spiritually. Also, this is a good time to meditate on how it is not, so you can align your business to be more fulfilling to your heart, mind and spirit. Then send out gratitude for these changes to start taking place.