Hillary Clinton was just the first woman to get a major political party’s presidential nomination. So, I thought I’d give a watch to the historic moment.

I had no idea I’d be crying from realizing the feeling of apathy and lack of confidence in my ability to really affect change I’d felt for so many years. The apathy broke apart while watching this woman who has completely believed she has the power to affect change for millions, likely billions, of people’s lives.

She keeps walking through the storms of haters to her goal- to make the world a better place for everyone, especially women and children.

From Hillary, I got a strong sense of what it feels like to believe in myself in such a full and complete way.

I also feel this when I listen to Adele’s music. I watch her in an interview where she discussed how much her mother helped her believe in herself completely and why this is what gives her songs so much depth. Then, she had a child.

In her story, I recognized the pain of losing myself after becoming a mother. The 27-year-old Australia’s 60 Minutes: “I lost my confidence… for a while I was just a mum.”

After being “just a mum”, she didn’t believe she’d make a musical comeback. After being “just a mum” I have had a hard time basically keeping up with life, let alone believing in myself. Of course, this has largely to do with the global undervaluation of mother’s time, care, love, work- and that’s another post.

She got back into writing and she started to believe in herself fully again. Then, she went on to write the biggest record smashing album of all time, in so many categories, even the most viewed video over a 24 hour period on YouTube- ever.

Neither Hillary or Adele would have been featured on the cover of magazines and websites across the globe because of their superficial beauty. Yet, because they each regained belief in themselves over and over, stronger and stronger, they help each of us women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers feel more beautiful by their example.

I’ve asked myself over and over how can the hatred, misogyny and racism of the current Republican party be defeated. Today I realized, it starts with me. It starts with believing in myself and doing something each day to deepen that belief.

Believing I can make a difference that matters in my corner of the world. Believing however big or small, those ripples will go out and make the world a more compassionate, wise, generous and beautiful place.

I believe in you. It does take a village and we can do this together.