Infertility & Miscarriage Counseling

A tidal wave of emotions accompany the journey towards bringing a baby/child into your life. Like any challenge, you can come out on the other side stronger.

I’m here to offer you support and emotional guidance to move through the challenges to a place of strength, confidence and grace.

The focus of my infertility counseling has three aspects.

  • The first is looking at our life lesson’s. Discover what is being learned in your journey. This is why we are here: to learn life lessons on compassion, forgiveness, generosity, patience and love.
  • The second is emotional healing and release. The emotional roller coaster of this journey is intense. If you don’t tend to your emotional system properly it will fry your body/spirit/mind. I will help you learn an easy way to move into and through emotions, so they become fuel to nourish you instead of weight to burden you.
  • The third is helping you connect with your innate wisdom. There are so many decisions to make, so many options, when bringing in a child to your family. When you can easily tap into your innate wisdom, decisions are much easier because they are from your “Knowing.” This tool is vital to develop as a mother as well, so developing it now will pave the way for your wisdom to continue to shine.

Why I Offer Infertility Counseling:

I’ve lived it. My support system helped me in the darkest of days so I could emerge stronger into the light and this is why I offer my support for you to do the same.

My biggest life lesson showed up when I wanted to have a child. My son took 6 years to arrive after we started the process to get him here. I went through hell and back countless times. Because of my lack of patience, I experienced a lot of self aggression when it wasn’t easy or smooth. Each time failure feelings came up, I knew I had more to learn about the lesson of self-compassion.

I looked at my journey through the lens of my life lessons and it literally saved me. I knew with each desperate heartbreak, I was learning my own strength through perseverance.

I became more of the person I set out to learn to be in this life, which is compassionate, courageous, loving. I share my story to give you a sense of what I went through and how it informs what I can offer to you.

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