Insight Meditation

There are many ways to do a meditation. The main point of any meditation is to quiet your mind for relaxation and healing. There will still be chatter in your mind most of the time, but with practice you can have more peace and calm.

Meditations can also help you heal yourself by sending high vibration energy through your body. Insight meditation is similar to Buddhist meditation, though has some different aspects.

First, to do an insight meditation, take in a deep breath while counting to five. Hold it for a second or two, then exhale with a long Ahhhhhh sound for 3-5 seconds. Repeat this ten times. This easy breathing exercise is world renowned for helping calm and focus the mind and body.

Don’t think just because it is easy to do, it is not valuable. It is one of the best practices and one of the most used. If you do this even twice a day, you’ll notice that you are much more calm and relaxed. The main aspect to Buddhist meditation is focus on the breath, so this is similar in that way.

Now that your mind is a little quieter from this exercise. The next step is to do a visualization. While sitting upright, (after you have read these instructions) close your eyes and see a tree root extending from your hips all the way into the center of the earth. The tree root is going through the earth, soil, rocks, water, etc to the center.

This visualization will help you feel more grounded and stable. In fact, after people do this visualization, it is much harder to knock them over. It is a visualization used in martial arts to help maintain balance.

You can also visualize this tree root allowing any energy that is not in your best and highest good to release into the ground as well. I like to see colors releasing from my being down into the grounding cord. These colors represent energy from my day that I’ve picked up and am sending back to return to earth.

I hope you enjoyed your insight meditation.

May all beings enjoy peace, understanding and amusement with increase every day. Blessings.