Life Lesson Insight Sessions

Intuitive Psychic Readings, Louisville, CO.

What’s the meaning of life? The meaning, as I see it, is for our soul to learn lessons. We get stuck in life when we get stuck on a lesson.

We are always learning. Just like school, in life we have to stay with a lesson until it’s been learned. Then, we can move on to another. In the big picture, our lessons are about generosity, patience, compassion, inter-connectedness, kindness, perseverance and love.

Understanding your lesson from a soul perspective makes understanding it, and getting unstuck, easier.

For example, many of my clients have patience as a current lesson. Patience is so often woven together with compassion. Their current perspective is wanting life to hurry up and change into what they want so they can finally feel ok with themselves. It might be hurry up to get a boyfriend, dream job, better house, more money, etc. Most of the time, the desire for those things to happen is to help overcome feelings of sadness, shame, loneliness.

When my clients understand it is about learning patience and compassion for themselves in specific ways, like no longer doing things from a place of “should” and instead from “whooohooo- this lights up my soul” then life gets more joyful and easier to navigate.

This is the gift I’m here to offer: helping you learn to look at life as what you are learning instead of how you are failing. It’s a new perspective on learning your life’s lessons so you can feel peace and understanding instead of anger or fear, even in the most desperate of circumstances.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is the perspective of looking at life through the lens of lessons you are learning instead of the lens of how you are f’ing up royally.

*When you encounter the really tough stuff this perspective is what literally makes or breaks you.*

Feeling broken happens over and over in life, but as the Kintsugi Japanese philosophy of filling broken cracks in pottery with gold states, “Imperfection is simply part of being, and perfection is all about embracing our imperfection as we strive to naturally better ourselves.┬áJust as Kintsugi highlights the cracks in a piece of pottery, rather than hiding them, we should look at ourselves and the world at large and consider what we really want for the future.”

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Testimonial from Stephanie C. “I highly recommend Lisa Witter. She did a psychic reading for me at her lovely Louisville office, helping me to use my energy to open up new paths to abundance. She is accurate, articulate, creative, and very professional. The day after a big contract went through, then it got better…the next day was just a steady flow of “Yes’s” from people who until now had been on the fence. I am giddy! Thanks, Lisa!

Testimonial from Scout D. “Before working with Lisa, I was struggling with a difficult co-worker. My relationship with this co-worker was so stressful that a recent vacation in Florida was interrupted daily by surges of anxiety every time I thought about returning to work the next week. I am generally a peaceful person and find it easy to get along with others, so the fact that I suddenly found myself in this turbulent situation caused me even greater worry. I contacted Lisa because I knew she was a compassionate listener and that she would be able to objectively help me assess my situation and come to greater clarity and perspective. Our session was relaxing and tremendously insightful. I gained a great deal of awareness about patterns within myself and how they related to the issue with my co-worker. I left the session confident about my return to work the next day and feeling restored to a sense of inner peace and trust.

When I arrived at work, I found out that the co-worker I was struggling with had been identified as a problem employee to upper management while I was away on vacation. Our program manager pulled me aside to thank me for my consistent effort on our project and included me in a plan to gradually move the difficult co-worker into a different department. I am confident that the interactions that I had with the program manager that day and since would have been completely different if I had not had the confidence and clarity that I gained from my session with Lisa.

I have drawn on the insights and skills that I gained in my session with Lisa to continue to improve the peace and cordiality between myself and the difficult co-worker. At this point, the anxiety I was experiencing has been replaced with self-assurance and inspiration about what the future has in store.”