So, this Blog is inspirational oasis. My hope is it is a little oasis in the midst of difficulties to add a little sparkle to your day! Ok, so what inspires me?Here’s a start of my inspirational list:

1. Kids and their ability to cry like the world is ending, then five minutes later be laughing because they let it all go and can now sparkle with life.

2. My teachers at Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder. They help me see how I can live life with more amusement, love, joy, generosity, bad-ass-ness and general awesomeness.

3. Flowers. I swear every time I see a bright, beautiful flower my spirit shines a little brighter after. I’m pretty sure flowers are one of the gifts we have to help keep us going despite all the suffering life throws our way. Some flowers in a room transform a space!

4. Hearing stories of how people believed in themselves against all odds to survive, to be successful and to be compassionate.

Many more inspirations to come. What inspires you?