Manifesting Money- Spiritual Truth

Wow, what an enlightening session I just had with a client. In the intuitive business reading I was giving, her spirit showed me her truth around manifesting money, which is much closer to the spiritual truth for all of us. It is my favorite metaphor yet. It clears up so many lies that we believe about money.

Here are a few lies it clears up:

  1. You have to work hard in trade for money, even sacrificing your soul, truth or ethics… (yikes, trading our soul for money? Many people believe following your truth is being poor. That’s just wrong!).
  2. Also, a big lie many people believe is that they only value themselves based on how much money they make. (Who you are is always valuable. What you do might vary in monetary value, but always believe YOU are valuable.)
  3. How much money you have is based on factors outside of you and outside of your control. Often it’s believed that the better your website, clothing, cheekbones, business card, or whatever, looks, the more money you’ll make. (big hint: it’s about the inside, not outside).
  4. You have to do or think the right things to have money come your way. My favorite lie is the idea in the law of attraction around money: that you have to always think positively about money or the moment you think negatively, it’ll go away. (Craziness, literally, that perception makes people crazy trying to always be positive and deny worry, fears, frustrations.)

So, those are the big four. As you know there are sooo many more lies.

You can have a crappy website, out of date clothing, plain business cards and not an idea on how to “sell” and still be successful. 1000% true. How? Keep reading.

I’ve known for a while that the truth on why we manifest money was that we were honest and authentic in attracting the amount perfect for us at that time. Perfect for our needs as a soul, not perfect for our ego’s gratification.

When I feel low and feel I have something to prove, then I ask for more clients than I honestly want, in an attempt to prove something to myself. Of course they do not manifest. When I’m honest beyond my ego, with what I want, clients always manifest in that amount, or in an amount even better for my highest good. Same is true for my clients and friends (and YOU!).

Think of money as a best friend and spirit guide.

When you are on a spiritual path with money, it will be there for you when you authentically, honestly, truthfully need it. (When you are on another path with money, it might show up when you lie, cheat, steal, but that’s a sh*! storm of karma I personally don’t want).

It won’t just show up because your ego has decided you want a new car to make others think you are successful or to prove a point. On a path to grow your spirit and soul, it won’t ever show up just to gratify your ego for material gain. Why? Because that would be a crappy friend. One that is making you believe you are only as good as what you HAVE or EARN.

Your good friend will show up when you need it, because you trust this friend, honor this friend and have sooo much frickin gratitude for this friend. The energy of money wants to have a wonderful relationship with you.

Really your soul, your higher self, wants to have a good relationship with you in every aspect. A way to practice this is in your relationship with money because it’s one that likely most fraught with feelings of danger, fear and uncertainty. Money, like any energy in your life, will always be a good friend. It won’t be there when that’s exactly what you need to learn to grow as a soul. Or it will be there, in spades, when it’s exactly what you need.

So, overall truth: if money is not there for you, then it’s because you need to learn something about that. If it is there, you also will be learning. You are not a bad person if you don’t have money coming to you, you just have a spiritual lesson to learn.

Here’s a little statement for you: “Money, thanks for always being a good friend. I appreciate your role in my life immensely. I honor and trust you will be there in ways that are exactly perfect for my soul’s growth and learning. I value myself and my inherent brilliance and allow you (Money) to be in my life with grace and ease. Thank you, from my heart, for helping me grow as a soul so I can be of the most benefit to others from these lessons. Many blessings, honor and appreciation…

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