Inspiration For Love & Peace

Here is a great prayer to connect with the inspiration of love and peace to set the tone of your day: “Dear God (source, spirit, etc), I ask today that my mind become still like a stone mountain. I ask that my body be surrounded and filled with a deep sense of relaxation. Allow my ears to open, hearing the voice of my soul and to know the truth. Allow my eyes to open to the wondrous beauty that lays deep within me and all living things. Bring a sense of peace to my inner being as my feelings and emotions flow through me like a river and fill my heart with an abundance of love energy that I may share with all living things.” – Kathryn Watson.

I wanted to share this prayer because it is a great way to set an intention in the morning for how the day will unfold. We set our intentions everyday and manifest each moment of our life, though usually without much conscious thought or intention.

I know each of my days go better when I first take a few moments to set the space for the day. I see the day unfold and feel the excitement, joy, love, etc. Many times I forget and then feel bummed that my day has been frustrating or just lackluster. Enjoy! Let me know if it helps change your day!

May all beings enjoy peace, understanding and amusement with increase every day. Blessings.