Life from a Soul Purpose Perspective

From a view of the soul there is no judgement, no expectations. Focus on and appreciate what you have. Seriously, gratitude for what you have right now, regardless of what you don’t, is the path of connecting with your highest self or spirit.

Understand that ordinary things will happen to you and challenges can be a great gift. If we spend time in “I can’t believe this happened to me” you stay in victim mentality and don’t take control of life and create the life you want. We get stuck in a mentality of worrying about bad things happening to us, which makes you think you are on the wrong path.

You are always on the right path from your soul’s perspective. Because you are always learning exactly the lessons you need to for your soul’s journey of evolution.

One of the biggest lessons you’ll be faced with in this life is how to relate to life in a way that maintains a focus on gratitude, appreciation and honesty. When you understand that your life is created by you, with no wrong turns, only lessons to be learned, then you can get out of adding suffering to the challenges that will arise. You can meet the challenges with empowerment, knowing you will not believe in external or material problem solvers. Your challenge is to maintain honesty with what you know to be true and listening to your inner guidance.

When you listen to your inner guidance in the face of challenges and difficulties, you will cry, be angry, laugh, start a business, end dis-empowering relationships, all when needed to move you forward. You will not listen to the voices of others in your head telling you what you should/shouldn’t do.

You are learning what you need to for your soul, from a challenging situation, when you don’t betray yourself, you don’t have to negotiate your sense of integrity and self. When you feel drained, or losing yourself, it is because you are not listening to your inner voice. You are on the path to learn the lesson to listen to your inner guidance and follow your soul purpose.

If you are lying to yourself or others about your truth, then you will keep having challenges come forward to get you to re-align with your soul purpose.

Making choices that harm yourself, when your path harms you, you are on a detour from your purpose. There is a lesson in that detour, no need to judge yourself about the detour. It was there to help you learn. Be grateful for those detours that were difficult because those, along with the paths of perfection and beauty are all there to help your spirit evolve.

What’s the difference between the people that hurt you and what you do to yourself when you betray yourself? When you stay a victim to anyone, you are continuing to harm yourself. Stop saying it shouldn’t have happened and know it was a part of a bigger picture in your life and your ability to develop love, compassion and wisdom in a deep meaningful sense. When you decide you get to create your life, you will. You will also encounter challenges as part of being alive, it’s not a curse, just lessons.

Go forward with confidence, knowing that every aspect of your life right now is perfect. Look for the perfection. Have gratitude for the beauty and the challenges.  You are not here to do and gain, you are here to radiate your gifts. I’m here to help you re-discover those gifts. I hope this post has helped. My soul purpose readings can help on a deeper level as well.